the bullet vibrator inside the toy comes out, so you can play with it on its own—so it’s like two toys in one.

best sex toys for couples

This wearable toy not only has a vibrating base that stimulates the clitoris but also includes an internal vibrator that “wiggles” like a finger. The base tucks into your panties so you can wear it around for some fun on the down-low, and it’s controlled by a remote that works from 36 feet away, so your partner can have at it.

This cock ring not only looks like a cute little bunny, with ears that conveniently tease your clit, but also has a whopping 30 vibration patterns and three intensity levels, all controllable by a wireless remote with two simple buttons. The ears are long enough for you to feel the vibrations between thrusts, and the bullet vibrator inside the men sex toys comes out, so you can play with it on its own—so it’s like two toys in one. (You can even add it to a strap-on dildo.)

Lelo’s newest sex toy might be its most unusual yet: It’s got a tiny fluttering tip to pinpoint your clit. Its ergonomic handle is incredibly easy to grip, and early feedback is promising. “All in all, I had three orgasms in about 20 minutes,” one Glamour writer reports in our Lelo Dot review. “I’d recommend this toy to those who enjoy having a very small area stimulated very intensely, or who just want to know what that feels like.”

If you want to introduce a little excitement to the bedroom, this leather flogger can help spice things up. Sex whips add intense sensations to sex play and assist with role-playing or dom-sub dynamics—perfect for experimenting with kinky sex.

“We’ve had a lot of fun with this adam and eve sex toys. Works well; she likes the sensation. Does well with music at a club or live. Batteries aren’t going to last all night, so watch out for her signals.”

This Wi-Fi-enabled rabbit vibrator is a godsend for long-distance relationships, since its two powerful motors can easily be controlled from an app. (It also connects to other Lovense toys, thrusting at the exact same time as a partner far away.) The shaft massages your G-spot while the arm provides fluttering clitoral stimulation, resulting in a blended orgasm that’ll basically reduce you to a puddle.

“In the past, my partner has had problems with cock rings being too tight, but this one went on with ease and he said it felt fantastic. He loved the fact that I was in complete control with the remote sex toys for couples. The 30 different (powerful) vibrations blew me away and I loved watching my partner’s face when I was going through each one. The rabbit touching me throughout was just an added plus.”

This vibrator is fun because you can wear it as a pendant (hangs pretty low) and no one will really know what it is. I will say the chain it comes on is durable but not very feminine, so we will have to swap that out. It actually packs a pretty intense vibration for the size and the fact that the entire outer shell is stainless, that vibration transfers very effectively. Great for a date night surprise or if you never know when or where the mood will strike you.

The eight-second O lives up to its name in spades!! Everything about it is epic the rose sex toy. Easy to hold and angles perfectly. Super quiet and gets the job done in eight seconds or less. I’m not even kidding. This is a definite must-have for your treasure chest at home.

So which picks are the best vibrators for hands-free play? These are the absolute best remote control vibrators for every price point, and body, according to experts, reviewers, and plenty of our own testing. Your sex life will never be the same.

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