Very powerful vibrations; can be used flaccid or erect

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Pros: Very powerful vibrations; can be used flaccid or erect; nine speeds and five vibration modes; vibrating underside for a partner to grind against; underside’s intensity can be controlled independently with the included remote; fits a wide range of penis sizes; quiet; waterproof

The first thing to know about sex toys for men is that, yes, they exist. “A lot of people are surprised that there can be products for men,” says Andy Duran, educational outreach coordinator at sex-toy retailer Good Vibrations. People often think vibrators, for instance, are “very gendered and designed for women, but the reality is that our bodies are all pretty similar. We all have nerve endings that respond to vibration, or touch, or stimulation.” Although sexuality is highly personal, we set out to find a variety of sex toys for a variety of preferences with the guidance of experts who would know best. To find the best sex toys for men, we talked to 17 different people, including sex-shop owners and employees, sex educators, sex therapists, sex coaches, and sex podcasters.

We’re particularly proud of our vibrators we carry—and we designed a few ourselves. Our vibrator shop features a variety of quiet and effective toys, with options for clitoral stimulation, internal stimulation, or both. If you’re not sure which is best for you, read our Best Vibrators Guide.

Curious about pegging? This kit will get you started: it comes with an adjustable harness, two differently-sized dildos (including one super-small one for total newbies to butt stuff), and a bullet vibe you can slip behind the dildo to make sure you both enjoy yourselves. Throw some water-based lube into the mix and you’re good to go!

How to Use: Apply water-based lube to the inside of the best sex toy and wrap it around your shaft, positioning the “pulse plate” on your frenulum. Hold down the power button for two seconds to turn the toy on, and adjust the vibration intensity with the “+” and “–” buttons. Use the accompanying remote to control the vibrations on the underside.

Three experts told us that Tenga’s low-priced, simple, and straightforward Egg is a great stroker for those on a budget or looking to dip their toes into such toys. “Incredibly discreet, super-cute, a really good gift, and it’s less than $10,” sums up Bard. Each Egg is ribbed inside, and although they’re designed to be single use, she says that if you regularly wash an Egg with soap and water, you can extend its lifespan. While it’s known as a masturbation toy, Bard assures that it doesn’t have to be only used solo and that an Egg can be a lot of fun to use with a partner. Procida agrees that the Egg is “always great to have in a drawer,” and Duran is a fan, too, who often suggests throwing one in your bag for away trips because it’s disposable. “It’s just a little treat.” (If you want to stock up or get a few to give as gifts, the Eggs come in a variety pack of six inside a cute, tiny carton).

If you like to masturbate with toys, “try using any homemade sex toy you already use on your own and find ways to include them” when having sex, Dr. Reed suggests. This can be super intimate, bridging the gap between solo sex and your sex life with your partner.

Another reason to introduce toys is what’s known as the “orgasm gap”: Women statistically have fewer orgasms than men during sex, mainly due to the lack of consistent clitoral stimulation that intercourse offers, and using a sex toy stores is a great workaround for this. “If your partner has a vulva, giving them 15 to 20 minutes of continuous clitoral attention can help them more reliably achieve orgasm,” Ashford says. “Sex toys can help speed things up.”

If you don’t want to spring for the nJoy Pure Wand, this toy from Aneros would be a less expensive option, according to two of our experts. “The Aneros brand is synonymous with prostate massagers,” according to Duran. And for good reason: Before making adult toys, the company designed medical devices for prostate stimulation. He told us that some customers are initially skeptical about the Aneros toys, which can seem antiquated when compared to some of the more high-tech, silicone-clad options on the market. But Duran says this one “just links up perfectly, anatomically, to press the prostate.” Richardson is another fan of the Aneros brand, who recommends it whenever anyone with a prostrate is looking for a beginner anal toy.

Notwithstanding their significant cultural history and continuous rising popularity, sex toys are under documented and under researched (Döring & Pöschl, Citation2018). Much sexual research in academia focuses on pornography (e.g., Bridges et al., Citation2010; Vaillancourt-Morel et al., Citation2019) rather than sex toys. There were apparently fewer than 100 studies of material (rather than virtual) erotic technology prior to 2021 (Döring, Citation2021), highlighting how relatively unexplored they are (Döring & Pöschl, Citation2018). Furthermore, there is limited research into the features and morphology of the sex toys themselves and, given the often-phallic shape and structure, specifically into vaginally insertable vibrators and dildos and what they may represent in terms of user preferences for male genital-like morphology.

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